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UK scientist invents face mask that ‘kills COVID-19 and other viruses’

A Nottingham Trent University scientist, Garreth Cave has invented a face mask that can ”kill viruses including COVID-19 and influenza upon contact.” Mirror reported that while most face masks feature a three-layer design, this mask features five layers, including an antiviral layer made of nano-copper. It also has ions that are emitted once in contact with a virus, […]

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Chinese scientist jailed for editing babies genes to make them HIV-resistant

He Jiankui, a Chinese scientist who created the world’s first “gene-edited” babies has been handed a 3-year jail sentence. The associate professor at Southern University of Science and Technology in Shenzhen first ignited worldwide outrage in November 2018 after revealing that he used gene-editing technology known as Crispr-Cas9 to change the genes of twin girls […]

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Nigeria announce the outburst of yellow fever in two states!

Yellow fever is a viral infection spread by a particular species of mosquito. Yellow fever is spread by a species of mosquito common to areas of Africa and South America. Vaccination is recommended before travelling to certain areas. Nigeria’s centre for disease control has confirmed the outbreak of Yellow Fever in Bauchi State. The Director […]

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Health benefits of Moringa

Known to the ancient Chinese, Indians and many other cultures around the world, it recently resurfaced as an answer to many health challenges of modern times. While only a fraction of the many reputed health benefits of moringa has been researched, it is now a common notion that this miracle plant is rich in healthy […]