Ritualists arrested during fight over payment for fresh human hands

A 40-year-old herbalist, Michael Itomu, and three others have been arrested in possession of fresh human hands in Idiroko, Ogun State.

Other suspects arrested with Itomu, included Mathew Idosu, John Feyisetan and Samuel Adegbola. This followed an information received by policemen that they had been in contact with the herbalist for money rituals.

The suspects had contacted somebody in Abeokuta who had promised to get the human hands for them at the rate of N1million.

Preliminary investigation revealed that the hands were provided by a family friend to Mathew Idosu alongside two others who are now at large.

A serious scuffle ensured between them when the agreed fee wasn’t available upon delivery of the hand. They angrily took away the duo of Samuel Adegbola and John Feyisetan to a bush where they thoroughly beat them before they were released on 17th of May 2020.

It was the action of those who supplied the hands that made the whole secret leak which eventually led to their arrest. The fresh human hands have been taken to Idiroko general hospital for preservation.


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